5.5.1. Governance Fund

In order to access the Nash21 governance, it will be necessary to perform a Staking of N21 in the “Governance Fund”. For that staking, governors will receive rewards and part of the profits from the protocol, as detailed in section 5.2.2 “Governors”.

The role of governors will include taking part in the governance decisions regarding the protocol, namely:

  • Discussing and coming to an agreement with the Director of Liquidity and the Nash21 team regarding the different actions of “liquidity management and price stability policy”.

  • Discussing and agreeing with the Nash21 team the portfolio management policies and strategies, including, not only those regarding the YRF function, but also the maximum implicit rate for NFT auctions by Nash21.

  • Discussing and agreeing the collaterisation policies of the different assets subject to being received as collateral for the issue of the “Nash21 Guarantee”.

  • Governance decisions in general.

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