3.1 Introduction to the Nash21 Guarantee

To achieve a definition and deep understanding of the meaning and scope of the “Nash21 Guarantee”, we should remove ourselves from what we have known until now.

In the past, when we talked about a non-payment guarantee, surety or Insurance for the non-payment of rents, we always did so in reference to a business or company that, when it came to selling us their product, they did so by attaching the policy of terms and conditions. Depending on each company, the scope or coverage varied and the quality of the product was measured based on the “months of cover”, “periods of non-payment”, “value of the excess to be deducted”, “deferral of time between the communication of the incident and the payment date”, “need for a claim or notification of the incident”, etc.

None of this applies to Nash21. There are no terms and conditions. There are no policies. The Nash 21 guarantee is full, automatic, limitless and supported by mathematics.

  • There is no months-long exemption period or excess, since the SC is executed automatically without the existence of human will.

  • There are no limits to the months of cover since the SC is issued and with the full rent guaranteed.

  • There is no idle time between non-payment and reimbursement.

  • There is no need for human interaction.

  • And, above all, there is NO person sat behind a desk deciding when, how much and who can or who can’t have a reimbursement of defaulted payments. Nash21 is Mathematics programmed via SC.

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