1.4. Uses and Participants

1.4.1. Owners of Rental apartments

Owners that tokenise their rental contract with Nash21 benefit from the following advantages and uses:

1) Guaranteeing the collection of the full rent of their contract, whether the tenant pays or not: The Nash21 Guarantee is underpinned by automatic mechanisms which, in the event of non-payment, avoid having to be subject to formalities, claims and the will and decision to reimburse by the insurance companies or guarantors (see inc Nash21 Guarantee).

2) The rent is available on a daily or weekly basis, or whenever you decide: days don’t exist in a blockchain and a replaced by blocks, so the owner of the NFTs can (make the claim) access the rent on a daily or weekly basis, or whenever they choose.

3) Obtaining liquidity through the auction (sale) of the NFT: this way, the owner of the NFT can “advance” or bring forward the rent from their contract and obtain liquidity by transferring for a considerable valuation (sale via auction) the rents to be collected for their token (see Auctions of NTFs).

4) Different uses of NFTs as a payment method or as guarantee collateral:

  • Using the NFT to acquire an asset, settle a liability or send remittances, by sending the NFT to the recipient anywhere in the world without any friction or requirement.

  • Using the NFT representative of the contract guaranteed as a collateral security to apply for a loan. That way, without selling their NFT, the owner can apply for a loan and offer the NFT as security for the compliance with their obligation.

1.4.2. Tenants

  1. Via a Scoring process: with a process of analysing the tenant's profile and individual circumstances. Provided that the result of the study is positive (approved), the Tenant obtains their “Nash21 Guarantee” after paying an issue premium.

  2. Via Staking: for Tenants that are holders of crypto-assets, they will be able to access the “Nash21 Guarantee” by depositing certain assets as “collateral security”, with the feature that they will continue to be subject to the yields and volatilities of each case.

1.4.3. Investor (risk-free) - Buyer of NFT

Within the Nash21 ecosystem, there is a place reserved for investors with a conservative profile who are looking to access products with fixed or continuous returns, which are risk-free.

These investors, named “Investor-Buyers of NFTs” converge in our Marketplace and take part in the different auctions of tokens, gaining NFTs representative of “guaranteed rental contracts” which will provide a fixed and risk-free yield and return, since it is assumed by Nash21 through the guarantee fund (see Auctions).

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