5.2. N21 tokenholder strategies

There are two strategies, based on different types of target and moments of the allocation process.

5.2.1. Token holders

The N21 tokens can be purchased either at the time of the IDO, or through a secondary market via the liquidity pool. All N21 tokenholders will have the right to the following uses:

  • Take out a premium for tokenisation and guarantee.

  • Use NFT as “collateral” to obtain a “Nash21 Guarantee”.

  • Use to purchase NFTs in Marketplace.

  • Access Airdrops and access the private community.

  • Access rewards stemming from engaging with the protocol.

5.2.2. Governors

Governors deposit their N21 tokens in the “Governance Fund” in exchange for receiving N21 tokens. Governors can get involved in our forum and through debates on our discord servers for the community and DAO respectively. This grants them the right to receive rewards and part of the revenue generated by the protocol.

The N21 delivered to holders will come from N21 purchases that Nash21 makes in the market or they will come from the treasury's own holdings. In any case, the N21 delivered to the Governors will never come from new N21 issues. In this way, N21's monetary policy is maintained and, at the same time, this way of operating will enable a constant demand for N21 to be generated, serving as a price stability tool.

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