1.1. Creating equations to open new doors

Nash21 is a protocol for the tokenisation, guarantee, commercialisation and efficient use of rental contracts.

Underpinned by a guarantee fund that combines mathematics and cryptography, Nash21 aims to redefine the rental market on a global level, redesigning the old rental contracts, turning them into “Smart contracts”.

Our objective is to contribute to the adoption of the crypto economy and decentralised finance by the general public. Why? Because we want everyone to be able to benefit from the attributes that DeFi can offer them. Because we understand that those furthest away from this technology are those who most need the advantages that the crypto economy and mathematics have to offer.

The setting from which we make our contribution and input to achieve this mass adoption is the rental market, a market we have been involved in for more than 15 years. At some point in our lives, we have all had to, or will have to, interact with the rental market, whether as owners, tenants or as guarantors for a family member or friend. The rental market on a global level is characterised for being a market with a constantly increasing volume and with even greater growth perspectives. This is not only due to the global macro-economic conditions, which increasingly make buying homes difficult for a proportion of the population, but also because of a cultural change in the consumption behaviour of young people. These young people mostly choose mobility and renting as a way of life, rather than buying and work immobility.

Nash21 is a protocol which, acting as a “bridge” between the fiat world and crypto world, enables the convergence of:

  • Owners of apartments who want to tokenise, guarantee and use their rental contracts in different ways.

  • Tenants who want to rent.

  • Investors-Buyers of NFTs, Tokenholders and members of the community.

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