Nash21 has been created by a group of well-known and recognised people in the crypto industry;

Nicolas Barilari, CEO

Finance graduate from the Atlantic International University (USA), a qualified specialist in the design of trusts and guarantee vehicles. Masters in Blockchain and DeFi. Former Assistant Director for Latam BT Global Trust. Co-founder of Criptokuantica. CEO and Founder of Finaer España, a company with Latam’s number one Guarantee Fund and with an existing presence in Europe, dedicated to “Rental Guarantees”.

Miguel Caballero, CEP (Chief Executive of Protocol)

Industrial Engineer, MBA from IE Business School (1999) and cofounder of Tutellus, TurinLabs and Redpill Ventures. He also co-founded Reental, Criptokuantica, FITtoken, TheHash, POEM, Cinema Producer and manages a crypto-asset investment fund. A regular panellist on radio and TV programmes, Miguel is also the author of two books "Bitcoin, Blockchain y Tokenización para inquietos” (Bitcoin, Blockchain and Tokenisation for the curious) and “Finanzas Descentralizadas para inquietos” (Decentralised Finance for the curious).

Jesús Perez, CLS (Chief of Liquidity Strategy)

Director of the Digital Assets Institute. Founder of Crypto Plaza and currently running Roble Venture Capital. Jesús is a specialist in the valuation of digital assets. He is also Director of development at Sersán and Director of Fintech Ventures (with investments in Bankimia, Housers, Sersan Sistemas,,,, Interim Fintech and others). Lecturer in the Management Programme in Innovation and Financial Technology at IEB, and of Fintech & Digital Banking Executive Program at AFI. Former President of the Spanish association of Fintechs and Insurtechs and member of the Spanish Institute of Financial Analysts.

Oscar Lema, PRO (Public Relations Officer)

Bachelor of Business Administration from the Universidad Católica Argentina, founder and President of Finaer Argentina S.A, a leading company in granting rental guarantees. He is also Manager of BL & Asociados SRL of Financial Services, Senior Auditor of ISO 9001 and 14001 Standards of Bureau Veritas and Founding Partner of Shankara, a hotel complex in Mexico.

Javi Ortiz, CTO

IT engineer, in the 1990s, he started working on R+D tasks for Apple and Telefonica and, at the start of the 2000s he developed some of Spain’s most important software development teams. Linux and Java evangelist, the “Sokar” has evolved with the development of technology and the crypto environment, he is a senior programmer in Bitcoin and Ethereum environments. Javi is currently CEO and co-founder of Tutellus, TurinLabs and Redpill Ventures. He is also the CTO of Reental, Criptokuantica, FITtoken, TheHash, POEM, BullRun and he co-manages a crypto-asset investment fund.

Gabriela Roberto Baró, CBO (Chief Business Officer)

Degree in Business Sciences and PDD from IESE Business School. Co-founder and COO of Agrotoken, one of the main crypto companies in Latin America. She worked for more than 15 years in the financial industry and in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Latin America, developing her professional career in Marketing, digital transformation and innovation.

Guillermo Nortes, lawyer

Lawyer with a wealth of experience in the field of property law. Masters in legal practice 2013-14 and Expert Legal Course in Blockchain, smart contracts, tokenisation and crypto assets from the Consejo General de la Abogacía Española (General Council of Spanish Legal Profession). Working since 2014 as Legal Director in various companies from the real estate sector. Since 2021 he has been Legal Director at Finaer Compañía de Garantías SL.

  • Alberto G. Toribio, ex-Bankia, advisor.

  • Jesus Perez Amair, Ex Director Engel & Volkers, Rentals.

  • Víctor Merino, Crypto developer. Solidity smart contracts.

  • Guillermo Pérez, Crypto developer. Solidity Infrastructure.

  • Isaac Acosta, Frontend developer. Platform web services.

  • Paula Benitez, Communities.

  • FLOC* Team : Strategically designed study with a decentralised and adaptable structure to turn the ideas of the crypto projects into reality.

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